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Ital Heavy Duty Meat Grinder TC22

1407W Code: GK056

£1,234.92 + VAT

Caterlite Meat Grinder

Capable of 113kg/hour maximum output. Code: CB943

£115.64 + VAT

Heavy Duty Buffalo Meat Grinder

Capable of 250kg/hour maximum output. Supplied with mincing discs. Code: CD400

£460.64 + VAT

Ital Fasano Meat Grinder TC8

250W Code: GK054

£303.82 + VAT

Sammic 100kg/hr Output Meat Mincer PS-12

Up to 100kg/hour output Code: GN991

£566.19 + VAT

Santos 12-12 Meat Grinder

Model: 12-12RA. Maximum output: 160kg/hour. Code: DN639

£813.47 + VAT