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Kitchenware & Knives

Kitchenware & Knives

Shop from our varied collection of kitchen equipment and knives and find the best brands and products for your catering establishment. Our range caters for every kitchen task so you can prepare, bake, cook, serve, transport and store food with ease. Our proffessional chef's knives provide you with the best quality for proffessional use.

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4 Tier Wire Shelving Kit 1830(H) x 1220(W) x 460(D)mm

4 shelves, 4 posts and clips.1220mm wide. Code: L928

£127.40 + VAT

Blue Cut Resistant Glove Size

Size: L Code: GD719

From £7.83 + VAT

Blue Vinyl Gloves Size

Box quantity: 100. Code: CB254

From £3.62 + VAT

Bonzer Classic R Bench Can Opener 16in

16" Shaft. Output: Up to 10 cans per day. Code: CY024

£65.94 + VAT

Bourgeat Black Iron Baking Tray

Gastronorm Size: 1/1 530 x 325mm. Code: K448

£12.73 + VAT

Bourgeat Excellence Boiling Pot 17Ltr

Holds 30 pints. Dimensions: 32cm (12.75"). Lid sold separately. Code: K797

£109.76 + VAT

Bourgeat Gastronorm 1/1 Stainless Steel Roasting Dish

325 x 530 x 20 mm deep. Code: K090

£35.27 + VAT

Bourgeat Non Stick Frying Pan 240mm

24cm (9.5"). Code: K741

£21.55 + VAT

Bourgeat Tradition Plus Stainless Steel Saucepan 1.7Ltr

3pt 16cm (6.5"). Lid sold separately. Code: L231

£51.94 + VAT

Bron Mandoline

Stainless steel. Safety guard supplied separately. Code: D454

£147.01 + VAT

Burn Guard Oven Mitt

15" mitt. Withstands temperatures of up to 450 degrees. Sold singly. Code: E995

£45.07 + VAT

Chantry Knife Sharpener

Professional pull through knife sharpener. Code: D133

£35.27 + VAT

Clip Top Preserve Jar 1Ltr

1 litre capacity. 35.75 oz. Code: P492

£3.82 + VAT

Dick 6 Piece Magnetic Knife Case Set

6 Piece Code: GF529

£102.90 + VAT

Dick Knives Dickoron Sharpening Steel 30.5cm

Length: 30cm (12"). Oval. Code: DL339

£43.11 + VAT

Fan Shelf for Vogue Wire Shelving 24 in

610mm / 24" Code: GF985
Pack of 4 only
£68.60 + VAT
( £17.15 + VAT per unit )

Fluted Quiche Tin With Removable Base 12cm

12cm diameter. 2cm deep. Code: E798

£5.00 + VAT

Gastronorm Racking Trolley

20 shelves. Stainless steel. Code: U376

£225.41 + VAT

Graduated Mixing Jug 2Ltr

2 litre capacity. Code: K961

£3.82 + VAT

Hygiplas 15 Piece Knife Set with Carry Case

Comprehensive 15 piece starter kit with carry case. Code: S454

£156.81 + VAT

Hygiplas Dial Thermometer

Features hook for hanging. Code: J226

£1.95 + VAT

Hygiplas Easytemp Colour Coded White Thermometer

Colour: White (Bakery & Dairy). Code: J242

£9.79 + VAT

Hygiplas Infrared Thermometer

-50 - +400°C Code: GG749

£49.00 + VAT

Hygiplas Magnetic Countdown Timer

Hours and minutes or minutes and seconds. Code: DP028

£9.79 + VAT